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Haus of Influence

What's in it for you?

Creators are at the core of modern shopping, and at Haus Modern, we value the creativity and vision you bring to the world.

We thrive on collaborating with influencers and creators who resonate with our products and values. If you have innovative ideas on how we can team up, apply to our Haus of Influence Program today!

Do You Bring Bedroom Aesthetics to Life?

We partner with influencers who specialize in bedroom aesthetics across various social media platforms. At Haus Modern, we recognize the significance of experiencing products firsthand before making a purchase, and in today's digital age, your videos play a crucial role in facilitating that connection.

We understand the profound impact of bedroom sanctuaries on modern living and appreciate the role influencers play in showcasing our products authentically. Apply to our program today and let's redefine bedroom living together!

Partnership Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please complete the required fields below to submit your inquiry. Should there be interest, a Haus Modern team member will reach out to you to learn more.