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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

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Product type
Bodie Boucle Storage BenchBodie Boucle Storage Bench
Bodie Boucle Storage Bench Sale price$399.00
Porter Floating Boucle Twin DaybedPorter Floating Boucle Twin Daybed
Colten Queen Storage BedColten Queen Storage Bed
Colten Queen Storage Bed Sale price$999.00
Levi Queen Storage BedLevi Queen Storage Bed
Levi Queen Storage Bed Sale price$1,149.00
Soloman Bench BeigeSoloman Bench Beige
Soloman Bench Beige Sale price$349.00
Sophia Queen BedSophia Queen Bed
Sophia Queen Bed Sale price$899.00
Maxine Queen Metal Base BedMaxine Queen Metal Base Bed
Maxine Queen Metal Base Bed Sale price$699.00
Rowan Nightstand NaturalRowan Nightstand Natural
Rowan Nightstand Natural Sale price$349.00
Rowan Queen Bed NaturalRowan Queen Bed Natural
Rowan Queen Bed Natural Sale price$799.00
Cleo Daybed BoucleCleo Daybed Boucle
Cleo Daybed Boucle Sale price$899.00
Ellis Queen Camelback Wing Bed NaturalEllis Queen Camelback Wing Bed Natural
Celine Queen Curved Bed BoucleCeline Queen Curved Bed Boucle
Audrey Queen Wire Brush BedAudrey Queen Wire Brush Bed
Audrey Queen Wire Brush Bed Sale price$799.00
Isla Queen Metal Canopy BedIsla Queen Metal Canopy Bed
Isla Queen Metal Canopy Bed Sale price$599.00
Adams Queen Storage BedAdams Queen Storage Bed
Adams Queen Storage Bed Sale price$999.00
Porter Floating Boucle BedPorter Floating Boucle Bed
Porter Floating Boucle Bed Sale priceFrom $799.00
Lottie Boucle Queen Flange Edge BedLottie Boucle Queen Flange Edge Bed
Callan Queen Boucle BedCallan Queen Boucle Bed
Callan Queen Boucle Bed Sale priceFrom $799.00
Reese BedReese Bed
Reese Bed Sale priceFrom $799.00
Stella Boucle Arch BedStella Boucle Arch Bed
Stella Boucle Arch Bed Sale priceFrom $399.00
Poppy Boucle Extended HeadboardPoppy Boucle Extended Headboard
On Back Order Soloman Platform Bed FrameSoloman Platform Bed Frame
Soloman Platform Bed Frame Sale price$699.00

Refresh your bedroom with rejuvenating designs tailored for ultimate comfort and style.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

There’s bedroom furniture and then there’s the way Haus Modern does bedroom furniture. Now we’re not necessarily saying we’re better than the competition… but you just might. Maybe it’s the painstaking attention to detail we give to every piece or the premium execution we demand during the engineering phase. Perhaps it’s the elegance we infuse into each and every design. Whatever our secret formula for modern bedroom furniture may be, one thing’s for sure: we’re not planning on slowing anytime soon. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Better Bedroom Furniture

Everyone deserves a comfortable place to rest their head at the end of a long day, but you? You deserve more.You deserve style and intention paired with deliberate design. You deserve furniture for the bedroom that looks and feels like it was custom made just for you. At Haus Modern, we’re here to give it to you.

Use our bedroom furniture to curate a living space that speaks to your wants, needs, and everything in between. You work hard day in and day out. Let us build you the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of so when it’s finally time to close your eyes, you can dream even bigger.

Modern Bedroom Furniture for Every Aesthetic

Elegance is a universal language but it takes skilled craftsmanship to convey it in everyday furniture for the home. Our collection of modern bedroom furniture sets the stage for excellence no matter your design preferences. We have it all, whether you want bold mid century modern, dreamy bohemian, or minimalist chic.

Beds Beyond Compare

The way you sleep is incredibly personal so why should your bed be any different? Sleeping well starts with feeling comfortable, plain and simple. To achieve that, you need a bed that speaks to who you are and your individual needs. Upholstered beds indulge your craving for coziness while modern bed frames may speak to a design-centric artistic side. The beauty of Haus Modern’s bedroom furniture is that you’ll never have to choose between comfort, style, and stability. Platform beds require no box spring yet provide more than enough durability for optimal strength. There’s even the option to really go rogue and introduce space-saving modern daybeds into the mix. Hey, crazier things have happened. Why not walk on the wild side and expand your horizons.